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A doctor who removed the kidneys of more than 300 patients and sold them was arrested

Lahore: Dr. Fawad Mumtaz, the accused who performed illegal operations on more than 300 patients and sold them, has been arrested.

According to the details, the scandal of illegal kidney transplantation in Punjab again came into the news and eyes, the leader of the gang who removed kidneys by performing more than 300 illegal operations was once again caught by the police.

Accused Dr. Fawad Mumtaz has been arrested for the sixth time, Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi said in a press conference that the accused has been arrested 5 times for the first time but this time an effort will be made to present a strong challan.

Mohsin Naqvi said that the police had been investigating the gang involved in illegal kidney transplantation for one and a half months.

Regarding the arrest of Dr. Fawad, he further said that this doctor employed a motor mechanic as an assistant who used to administer anesthesia to people.

Custodian Chief Minister Punjab said that two days ago, armed men had rescued the main accused from the custody of the police. During this time, four armed companions of Fawad Mumtaz rescued the accused from five police officers.

Mohsin Naqvi further said that this group of eight people used to do kidney transplants for three lakh rupees, while one crore rupees were charged for transplants from people living abroad.

The accused has been running a network of illegal kidney transplants since 2000 while this group was also operating in Azad Kashmir including Lahore, Taxila and other districts of Punjab.

Accused Fawad Mumtaz has transplanted the kidneys of hundreds of people including Chinese and Saudi nationals.



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